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An intuitive reading is more than just shuffling the cards and memorising key phrases associated with each card. When I read cards I use them as a visual support to tap into my intuition and connect with a higher level of consciousness. My readings focus on growth, healing and awareness. My goal is to help you become aware of, acknowledge or remove blocks you may be experiencing or about to experience. Putting yourself first to shine as best as possible. I work in the present with an eye towards the future.

Readings can be either face to face or via whatsapp or messenger. A reading isn't just limited to a single card deck, I draw upon other materials based on the person I am reading for. This may include gemstones, pendulum, single oracle cards or my unique angel wing shells. A reading lasts about 45 minutes and costs 20 - 25€.

Readings are by appointment only and recorded readings must be paid for in advance.

To book a reading please contact me.

What my clients have had to say....

Je voulais te remercier pour hier après-midi. Ton écoute, attention et toute l'énergie d'amour et d'espoir que tu m'as donné. Merci!

I had the best reading with Kylee a few days ago , I wasn’t expecting anything so accurate and it gave me lots to think about … I also tried out the coloured cards and I thought it gave me another perspective just as interesting. All in all a lovely experience with a beautiful lady . Thank you Kylee 

I came with an open mind and something I wanted help with, and I really can’t explain how the cards turned out the way they did. Kylee’s sensitive and empathetic reading was genuinely helpful and I feel so much better about the issue we talked about. Thank you.

Thank you for an absolutely amazing reading so true of what is happening in my life at the moment. I can’t recommend Kylee enough such a warm and kind lady. Thank you

A very very insightful reading from Kylee who is not only a lovely lady but also very thoughtful and approachable. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Today I was lucky enough to have my Oracle and Tarot cards read by Kylee I found it to be a beautifully calm, insightful and extremely helpful experience and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. In fact I’m hoping to book a reading for all my family very soon. Kylee is based in Luc sur Orbieu above her and her husband’s delightful shop, Lunes. Thank you once again Kylee. 

Well I am quite open minded, but went along expecting nothing - how wrong was I! I'm not going to go into personal details, but she was spot on! She has helped me see through a very difficult situation. It has helped to start lifting a weight offer my shoulders.... incredible!

Coucou si je dois résumer les échanges je dirai que les cartes on eut l’effet d une prise de conscience et cela a confirmé mon sentiment que j avais et oui cela m a Été très utile.

“When anyone suggests to me that they read my cards my immediate thought is – will they tell me that I will meet my knight in shining armour, or win the lottery and I am forever hopeful for good news… whilst Kylee’s reading to me wasn’t exactly as my expectations envisaged , it was instead both intuitive and thought provoking and quite emotional. Indeed a lesson from it was learnt. Perhaps I have already met my knight and my lottery has been staring me in the face and I haven’t quite seen it all this time as I haven’t been able to see the woods for the trees . Its like a bit of therapy and life coaching all rolled into one . Thank You Kylee “

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