Interactive Oracle / Tarot No. 1 – “What do I need to keep in mind this weekend?!”

As promised the first of what I hope to be a regular “interactive oracle / tarot” post. Today, I have chosen three cards from Sonia Choquette’s deck The Answer is Simple. Focus on all three cards and select a card. In the comments below note the number you have selected. As you select a card try and think about what you need to keep in mind this weekend…. My interpretation will be shared later!

Thank you for all your comments. Here are the cards and my interpretation. Watch out for another set during the coming week!

1. Speak with love – perhaps you should be taking a bit of a step back and thinking about how you speak to a special person at times. Has your communication with this person been one of grumbles and rumbles? This weekend, try and make more of an effort and express yourself in a more positive light. By speaking kind words we often get the kind words back. 2. Blow off some steam – you have been sitting on an issue for quite some time. It’s bubbling and festering away and it is not good keeping it buried. Get a pair of shoes on, go outside and walk, think, shout, laugh, run…. do whatever you need to do to get it to the surface and out of your system. Now is not the time for sitting quietly and passively! 3. Put Others First –frustrating as this may be for you as you really wanted some “me time”. Try and put something or someone before what you personally had intended to do. You may actually find that you enjoy it! You may also find that what you thought would take all day actually didn’t really take that long to accomplish and as a result someone is seeing you in a far more positive light for having taken time out for them!


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